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  • Heart of Mercy a Partner to Christian Life Ministries.

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  • Heart of Mercy a Partner to Christian Life Ministries - July 2011
    With effect from July 2011, Heart of Mercy INC. became a Partner member of the Christian Life Ministries. All information can be available at the Christian Life Church/Office at Belbur-Egerton, Njoro, Nakuru County.

    In the same month, Pastor Samuel Nganga became a member of the Christian Life Church.

    He was later elected to hold the office of the General Secretary of the Ministries of Christian Life.
  • Successful Egerton Tour! - 23rd February 2010
    The planned event was successful for 7 disadvantaged children. Everyone involved enjoyed the day. According to Rodney Oganga, "The kids were excited about the trip and they will be more glad to visit again." Read More  View the pictures

  • Cancelled Egerton Tour - 12th February 2010
    The planned event was for 20 to 24 disadvantaged children and adults to be taken on an educational tour of Egerton University. This was a disappointment because the transport arrangement person decided NOT to honour his arrangement,  giving no consideration or time to re-arrange any alternatives. It meant that it destroyed the whole programme of the day and caused disappointment to the children, adults and the whole team. It cost money, food, wasted time and resources. Read More

  • Raising Awareness for Active Njoro - 23rd January 2010
    Julliet & Martin raised awareness of Active Njoro at a local fayre in Sandford Springs golf club, Kingsclere.

  • The Event of 1st January 2010
    Heart of Mercy inc. and Diversity in Kenyan Communities piloted and launched the Active Njoro project on the 1st January 2010. Read More  View the pictures

    Our first major pilot project fed 46 disadvantaged children, 10 disadvantaged parents and others on the 1st Jan 2010. This was a great success and hopefully we will sustain this in the near future and henceforth, subject to fundraising. The children programme for building self-image and the importance of Godly life took place. The children managed to speak and ask questions to Julliet N. Makhapila from London. One of the children asked, "Where is London on the world?" Julliet answered, "In Europe". The child said, "No, in the world map?" Julliet had to ask friend and family who were with her at the time and they also did not know the answer for about two or three minutes. And then the answer came at last, "It's the North of France". We all had to laugh at ourselves afterwards. After speaking with the children Julliet had tears of joy and it felt very good, knowing all these disadvantaged children and adults had been fed and had enjoyed the day. One child was heard singing a song and pastor Samuel W. Nganga confirmed that the children and adults engaged and participated  with songs and games and with all the activities that were provided for the day.

    Thanks are due to all those involved for making it such a successful wonderful event. This has been made possible by Pastor Samuel Waweru Nganga and the team from Heart of Mercy inc. and Julliet N. Makhapila and the team from Diversity in UK Communities Ltd.

  • The Active Njoro -  - 7 Disadvantaged Children visit Egerton,  Njoro, Feb 2010.
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