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Heart of Mercy Inc. (Kenya) envisions a global society which is absolutely free from such bondages as diseases, decadence of morals and ignorance, such as illiteracy and famine.


The mission of Heart of Mercy Inc. (Kenya) is to reach out to the poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people to help them change positively in the use of available resources and skills. This will transform their attitude and approach to life’s challenge and build strong and stable families within the community.


  • To establish and contribute towards education and the vocational youth training programme and projects within the community.
  • To establish holidays (vocational) camps and bible clubs for children and youths, for spiritual development
  • To establish and contribute towards health and medical care programmes and projects within the community.
  • To establish and contribute towards income generating projects (IGP) for sustainability of the above.


To initiate, develop, participate and facilitate plans to implement programmes and projects for the enhancement of lives of people with our communities.


  1. God - Respect of God Supremacy over all creation enhancements of spiritual relationship and intimacy with God.
  2. Sanctity and Dignity of Life - Life is sacred. We should therefore treat each other for equal rights for both genders regardless of race, colour, disability, opinions, nationality, age or creed. We should treat animals fairly as they also have a right to live.
  3. Transparency and Accountability - These two virtues are great keys to success for any individual person, institute or government agency.
  4. Partnership and Collaboration - No organization in this world can stand alone and win. We value global networks and links with organisations of like mind.

Remember, team work makes a dream work


A Ministry of Evangelical Sponsors Association (E.S.A.)

Reaching out to give a special child a hope and a future