Heart of Mercy Inc.

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Registration: 4654

Heart of Mercy Inc.

The Heart of Mercy Inc. (Kenya) is a community outreach division of the Evangelistic Sponsors Association (ESA) with a core purpose of providing better living standards for the vulnerable and the disadvantaged poor families in Kenya.

ESA is a Christian Faith-Based Organization (FBO) which is registered as a society under section ten (10) of the Societies Act of the Republic of Kenya. Certificate of registration No. 4654. The Heart of Mercy Inc. (Kenya) enjoys the organization legal umbrella provided by ESA BUT Heart of Mercy Inc. (Kenya) remains autonomous in its operations of its programme projects of Kenya and beyond.

However, such operations MUST be in harmony with the constitutional law and guidelines as provided by ESA and the government of Kenya, respectively.

The Heart of Mercy Inc. (Kenya) is interreligious, inter-dominational, interethnic, non-political and non-violence in spirit, in nature and in practice.

Executive Director:
Pastor Samuel W Nganga