News of 23rd February 2010

Tour of Egerton University, Njoro

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Finally the first trip  happened. This was a pilot programme. Pastor Nganga brought a group of seven students in company of two teachers. on arrival, Rodney Oganga, Caleb B. Sagwa and other staff members who are chief technicians, technologists, livestock assistants and others were assigned duties in the department to teach and give a tour/orientation to the disadvantaged pupils. This group of children came from DEB primary school and ranged from class 4 to class 7.

The children  were able to visit the Tatton Dairy Unit, TDU (Tatton Demonstration Unit) which is basically a milking unit for hand milking and electrical milking of dairy animals, the fish ponds section, rabbit section, pig section, Goat and Sheep section and poultry section (both exotic and indigenous breeds).

According to Rodney Oganga;

"The guy you see in a white lab coat is one of our staff members, his name is Caleb B. Sagwa. His position in the Department is a Technical Assistant/Livestock Assistant.

In  summary, the pupils learnt basically about keeping of dairy animals, gestation period, milking in the milking area, fish keeping, zero grazing unit, rabbit keeping and breeds of rabbits, poultry keeping. The kids, however are too young to understand the in depth practices of agriculture but it is a great eye opener."

Julliet N Makhapila, the chief executive of Diversity in UK Communities states that this sort of development raises awareness . They are fun activities and educational to the whole community. More funds will enable us to do these activities frequently. On the day, Julliet spoke to the children and local organisers. Here is what the children had to say and they spoke swahili.

My name is Monica Njeri, Thank you so much. I saw kuku wengi sana (lots of chicken), sungura rabbit), ngombe (cows) na (and) Samaki (fish). 

Philomena Njeri, asked unaitwa nani? (What  is your name?) Naitwa Julliet. (my name is Julliet). Mimi (I) nimeona (saw) nguruwe (pigs), kubwa (big) na (and) ndongo (small),  wanapiga (making) kelele (noise).

Caroline Nduta - nimeona  (I have seen) ngurue(pigs), kuku(poulty), sungura (rabbit), ngombe (cows) mingi (lots) na (and) pahali  (where) samaki (fishes) wanaishi (live).

Samuel Otuk - nimeona (I have seen) sungura (rabbits), Kuku nyekundu (chicken red), ngombe(cows) na (and) samaki (fish)

Grace Njeri  - nimeona (I have seen) suku /Sunguru (Rabbit/Squirrel), ngombe(cows), mingi (many)  na(and)  nguruwe (pigs)

Denis Asijoba  - nimeona (I have seen)  kuku,(chicken) na samaki (fish)

Collins Wanyonyi  - nimeona (I have seen) ngombe (cows), mbuzi  na kondoo (goats and sheep), samaki (fish), nguruwe (pigs oinking).

Mr Chirchir the teacher of mathematics and English said it was  very beneficiary tour to the children and the children enjoyed the trip and a lot . fantastic. he was going to get the children to write a composition and study. he was also going to give us feed back from the children.

John Langat (self-employed driver, under contract to Laydia Ventr) What a lovely trip. Any time you want a driver please let me know.

Pastor John  This is the first trip and there will be many more by God's grace.  "A very good day. What you have done for this children is amazing" wonderful. Amen.

Pastor Samuel Nganga the lord is good and we had a wonderful time. oooh my!!.oooohh my.. It was good. we thank the lord. Julliet , it was such a relaxed day and the lord is working. This was brilliant. we will do it again.

The headmaster (Mr Joseph Kangiri of DEB primary school) appreciated the children being taken on this educational tour.

Martin Burt spoke to the teacher Mr. chirchir  who explained how he enjoyed  the day how it was a successful worth while day for everyone . Martin Burt was delighted .  The  pastor also spoke to martin Burt and thanked him for the support he has shown so far to this project. He explained the children had benefited in all this.

We thank the supplier of the vehicle (Laydia Ventr, the director from Yasha Mission Academy, who runs a primary school in Egerton) who made this event possible. We only managed to bring seven pupils. Pastor Samuel. Nganga hopes to take more pupils in the future. It would be appropriate to dedicate an entire day for such a visit as there is so much to see. 

Diversity in UK Communities and Heart of Mercy Inc. express our thanks to all those who did their best to make this a successful day.