News of 12th February 2010

Pastor Samuel Nganga received a text to say that the transport arrangement had been withdrawn. He texted for an explanation but got no response. The pastor and the team, tried various options to save the situation, without success. The pastor approached the headmaster Mr. Joseph Kangiri of DEB primary school to tell him, he could not get a mini bus/van and the headmaster referred pastor to the petrol station owner in Njoro.  A vehicle was available but only at great cost. We tried other ways to get alternative transport and there was no success, meaning it left us with no solution other than to cancel the visit.

As a result, the strategy for the future will be that costs incurred must be paid by the defaulting party and this will necessitate the signing of contracts in some cases. This has taught the Chief Executive of Diversity in UK Communities not to be so complacent about the arrangements. It has also meant explanation to the trustees .

Later, we learnt that the main reason for the transport being withdrawn was that the supplier of the vehicle considered that the children were being used for monitory gain.

Diversity in UK Communities and Heart of Mercy Inc make it clear that they are running at a loss as we have financed this project so far! The community are reminded that it is the community and the disadvantaged children and adults benefiting from all the activities organised. If anyone feels there is a cause for concern or complaint, please immediately contact Diversity in UK Communities via complaints email.

Diversity in UK Communities and Heart of Mercy Inc. would like to express our apologies for the short notice of cancellation and to express our thanks to all those who did their best to make this a successful day, despite the outcome.