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Active Njoro

Future Events

The current focus is the disadvantaged children's and family's project in Njoro. See News & Events for the latest stories and pictures.


Where possible the aims of Diversity in UK Communities Ltd will be applied to Kenyan Communities and the Active Njoro project. Below are specific aims for this Active Njoro project.

  • To feed and clothe disadvantaged children and adults.
  • To educate disadvantaged children and adults in the areas of medical, academic, spiritual and economic.
  • To provide a spiritual healing, Godly life and self-mage.
  • To empower disadvantaged children and adults.
  • To provide counselling to the local community.
  • To have fun activities for disadvantaged children and families.
  • To have health promotion sessions.
  • To provide support and help for the disadvantaged and minorities to be socially included.

What We Do So Far

Where possible what we do in Diversity in UK Communities Ltd will be applied to Kenyan Communities and the Active Njoro project. Below are specifics for the Active Njoro project.

  • The Active Njoro project is run by Heart of Mercy inc. and Diversity in Kenyan Communities.
  • We provide food and clothes for children and families in Kenya and training programmes for disadvantaged children in Kenya that we have. Our first major pilot project fed 46 disadvantaged children, 10 disadvantaged parents and others on the 1st Jan 2010 and hopefully we will sustain this in the near future and hence forth. This has been made possible by Pastor Samuel Waweru Nganga and the team from Heart of Mercy inc. and Julliet N. Makhapila and the team from Diversity in UK communities Ltd.
  • We work closely with primary, secondary, polytechnic  and the universities in Kenya. We would like to give thanks to Mr and Mrs Njau P.Njoroge (a wheat researcher) from Plant breeder in Njoro  who have so far supported the education of five disadvantaged children in Moonlit Academy in Maili Tatu within Njoro District. Extra funds will help this project.
  • Pastor Samuel Nganga from hearts of mercy inc. loves empowering the community with the word of God and emphasis on the principles of good morals. He currently has a programme running of building your self-image and the importance of Godly life, running for Active Njoro.
  • Julliet Namarome Makhapila has a programme of A Better Way of Change and this will be done and run periodically in Kenya, subject to funding.

email:  Njoro@diversityukc.org

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Tel: Pastor Samuel Waweru Nganga, Heart of Mercy inc:  0727697932
email: ovcmsa@yahoo.com

Tel: Mrs Patricia Makhapila, or Julius Makhapila, Diversity in Kenyan Communities: 0722478370